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With the increased number of covid exposures sites within our area, we are asking patients with a pre-booked appointment who have been potenially exposed (novascotia.ca/coronavirus/alerts-notices.ca) please contact the office to reschedule your appointment until after the exposure site date.  Thank you for keeping our doctors, staff and patients safe.

The Lakeside Dental team.
We have received several inquiries regarding an increase in fees due to the PPE & COVID-19 preventive measures we have implemented within the clinic before re-opening.
As your dental provider and members of the community at large, we strongly believe we all play a part in this "new normal". We value our patients and appreciate your loyalty.  We have decided not to pass along any additional costs to our patients.  We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Drs. Ellen Drysdale, Michael MacDonald, Joey Carter and staff



Infection control has always been a top priority in our practice.  For the safety of our staff, patients and their families we have made additional improvements  These are some of the changes you can expect to see at your next appointment. We are beyond ready to get back to work and see everyone.

- A Pre-screening questionaire assessing your contacts, travel and well-being will be asked on booking and when you enter the clinic. Any response indicating recent exposure with Covid-19 or having symptoms of the same, will be asked to reschedule for 14 days later.

- Please bring your own mask and wear it to your appointment, let us know if you need one. PPE is precious and in short supply.

- Check in from your car (outside office) to confirm when it is OK to enter.

- You will be instructed to use hand sanitizier upon entering the office.

- You will be asked to maintain 6-foot social distancing guidelines when in the office until seated in the dental chair.

- You will see plexiglass around the reception area to improve social distancing and safety for patients and front desk staff. We still want to see and talk to you.

- There will be fewer appointments to allow greater social distancing and time for extra infection control procedures.

- You will be asked to use a mouth rinse for 30 seconds, before we examine you.

- Staff will be wearing significantly more personal protective equipment and sometimes we may look more like an alien.  We are still the same caring people behind all this gear!

- Gowns and other PPE clothing are being cleaned on site.

Please feel free to discuss any concerns when you schedule your appointment.  We have been training and preparing for re-opening during our shutdown.

We hope everyone is healthy, happy and prepared to ease back into regular routines.

Dr. Ellen Drysdale
Dr. Mike MacDonald

Dr. Joey Carter


Our mission at Lakeside Dental Center is to cultivate long term patient relationships by providing a high standard of dental care in a professional environment that is built on communication and respect. Our focus is on prevention. We are a comprehensive practice that treats patients of all ages with the utmost of care.

We want to see you SMILE!
Our practice offers a variety of services starting with preventative maintenance and restorative. Whether you need a small restoration, crown, root canal, bridge, implant (and more) - we can help you. We know everyone has different needs. We also perform extractions and cosmetic procedures. We are also Invisalign certified! 
The top priority of our clinic is you - our patients! We truly value personalized attention and long term relationships with our clients. It's our sincerest desire to provide the very best that dentistry has to offer to our patients. Technology is constantly evolving and we exercise this within our practice by bringing in the most up to date instruments, techniques and supplies. Our warm and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to ensuring our patients are informed and comfortable from the minute they enter our office. 
We are happy to have you visits our virtual office. If you have any questions that were not answered from our website do not hesitate to drop by, give us a call or send an e-mail.